Underdog Rescue is a network of foster homes and volunteers dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.

We match wonderful people with wonderful pets.

Our adopters have a special place in their hearts for these orphaned, abandoned or neglected dogs and cats. Most of our rescues are from overburdened animal control facilities and other shelters, where there was no space to hold them. Some are relinquished by their owners who can no longer care for them. ¬†Our name, Underdog Rescue, grows out of our passion for the “little guys”the waifs and strays who’ve had a bit of bad luck but never quit hoping to win someone’s heart and a home.

All of our “underdogs” and “undercats” have a story….

our goal is to rewrite the ending to a happy one.



UR Art & Craft Faire June 2015

If you like what we do, throw us a bone!

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